Giuseppe Maida
MD Neurosurgeon

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He has been trained in renowned Italian and European spinal surgery centers and has participated in courses and masters, both general and specifically regarding prosthetic systems and stabilization.

Every year, Dr. Maida participates in national and international spinal surgery congresses, and contributes with his own personal experiences regarding, above all, dynamic spinal surgery and prosthetics.

He regularly organizes national and international congresses that are monothematic regarding specific topics to spinal surgery.
Committed to research and technological development in the field of biomechanics and materials, he is a bearer of patents regarding the creation of spinal devices and prosthesis (such as rigid and mobile interverbral disc prosthesis)

Fields of Expertise

  • Vertebro-medullary surgery
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Microsurgery of the spine
  • Spinal stabilization systems and dynamic spinal implants (disc prosthesis, vertebral interbody and interspinous spacers)
  • Microsurgical discectomy